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Collegium Musicum
Age 10 - 18    For those singers who have acquired vocal independence (can hold their solo part against other moving parts), this a cappella group explores music from the Renaissance through modern day arrangements. Young musicians with considerable instrumental and/or singing experience and a very well-developed ear and/or the ability to sight read learn challenging music in a fun atmosphere. Part-emphasized recordings are provided to facilitate each student's requisite mastery.   *by audition -- see below

Collegium Musicum -- ages 10 - 17

  • This group is hugely rewarding; each semester, attrition amoung those who still live here is often zero. The music is challenging, however, so we do hold an informal audition. Potential new members are asked to please arrive at the beginning of A musicum (9:30 a.m.) on the first day to learn the material with which to demonstrate vocal independence and a clean choral sound.

  • Pro-rated refund starting from the Saturday following written notification. We hope you'll like being here but, if not, no worries!

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