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A Musicum


Ages 7 - 12+  (younger with special permission)

A musicum is for kids who want to sing! No previous training necessary – just come have fun while making good music!

We teach:

  • Basic choral vocal technique

    • head tone

    • open chamber

    • vocal foci

    • breath control

    • articulation

    • posture

  • Excellent repertoire kids deserve but rarely experience, spanning ancient through contemporary:

    • ​Classical

    • Folk 

    • World Music 

    • and sometimes a little pop :-)

  • Singing in parts

  • Ensemble exploration

    • Balance amoung voice parts

    • Awareness of which "members of the team" (voice parts) hold the emphasis at different points in the music

    • Uniform group vocal color

    • For those with sufficient instrumental training, there are opportunities to play with our singing

  • Basic solfège with handsigns, following a Kodály educational model

  • Musicality: phrasing, dynamics, articulations, etc.​

  • Vocal color differentiation

  • Pronunciation in other languages, often incorporating a cultural context

  • Body awareness

  • Courage, Self-confidence, Leadership, and Compassion

We pride ourselves in cultivating these skills in an atmosphere that is fun and engaging!

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Saturdays, 9:30–10:30am

14 weeks

Fall Semester: Sept. 7 - Dec. 14

(no rehearsal Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 30)

Concert Dec. 14

Tuition: $395 per semester

240511 A Musicum rehearsal.JPG
240511 A Musicum posed.JPG
St. Alban's Church

1501 Washington Ave.

Albany, CA 94706

(about a mile from Crowden)

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