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B Musicum


Ages 11 - 17

In the model of the original (younger) Collegium Musicum (neé Crowden Chamber Singers), B Musicum is a fast-paced a cappella group that fosters vocal independence and brings a new level of challenge to students who have been singing in A Musicum or have other previous musical experience. 

Instrumental opportunities for those with sufficient training.

This is a warm and welcoming ensemble that takes pride in what they do, with the intrinsic motivation to create something beyond what is usually accomplished for their age group. The music is challenging, however, so entry requires an informal audition. Potential new members are asked to please arrive at the beginning of A Musicum (9:30 a.m.) on the first day to learn the material with which to demonstrate vocal independence and a clean sound. 

One only need a strong ear to sing in this group; it is not necessary to already be able to sight-sing music. Part-emphasized recordings are often provided to facilitate each student's requisite mastery. Theory is taught using Kodály methods.

Saturdays, 10:30 - noon

Free optional sight singing skills: 12:15 - 1:00

14 weeks

Fall semester: September 7 - December 14

(no rehearsal Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 30)

Concert: December 14

Tuition: $545 per semester    Financial Aid available

St. Alban's Church

1501 Washington Ave.

Albany, CA 94706

(about a mile from Crowden)

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