Collegium Musicum

160227 YMC: Collgium Musicum

collegium: 1. An executive council of equally empowered members. 2. A group whose members pursue shared goals while working within a framework of mutual trust and respect. (American  Heritage Dictionary)

collegium musicum: The original collegia musica came about during the Reformation, partially as a way for non-aristocratic lay-musicians — usually students — to perform sophisticated music, primarily for their own enjoyment. Under Bach and Telemann, these amateur ensembles were often both choral and instrumental.

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Ages 10-17+
Collegium Musicum, under its former name, has performed to critical acclaim – despite the group's irreverent nature. Our members have been singing together for as long as 12 years, and on average 6. The kind of cohesion engendered by such a long-standing ensemble is rare amoung youth groups. We have developed a reputation for strong musicianship, challenging repertoire, musical character, subtlety of interpretation, and of course: self-accompaniment. 
Collegium Musicum has performed sets with the following choral organizations:
and participates in festivals:
This group is hugely rewarding; each semester, attrition amoung those who still live here is often zero. The music is challenging, however, so we do hold an informal audition. Potential new members are asked to please arrive at the beginning of A musicum (9:30 a.m.) on the first day to learn the material with which to demonstrate vocal independence and a clean choral sound. THIS APPLIES EVEN IF WE'RE STILL REHEARSING ONLINE. Come to the online rehearsal at 9:30, and we'll audition you afterward.

Saturdays, 10:30–noon

14 weeks
Fall semester: Sept 11–Dec 18 (no rehearsal Nov 27), Concert on Dec. 18
Tuition: $495 per semester

St. Alban's Church

1501 Washington Ave.

Albany, CA 94706

(about a mile from Crowden)

Financial Aid available

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