Collegium Musicum


B Musicum

(B Musicum is too new to have recordings, but these are the sorts of pieces I expect we'll eventually be doing.)


A Musicum


Big Sings


June 27, 2020

online concert

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A Musicum

1 Ich will den Herrn loben (Telemann)

2 Antiphonal Kyrie (Thrift)

B Musicum

3 Bring Me Little Water, Silvy (Leadbelly, arr. Smiley/Marvit

4 Hymne à la Nuit (Rameau, arr. Grundahl)

Collegium Musicum

5 Madárdal (Bartók)

6 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

7 Warrior (Baryluk/Wyrd Sisters)

Big Sing

8 Down in the River to Pray (arr. Wittig)

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N.B. No pitches were digitally tuned. What you hear are the genuine kids.

Audio handling:

  • syncing up the voices

  • balancing the voices

  • removing random noises

  • occasional reverb

FULL CONCERT (edited to remove, amoung other things, the profanity-laced moment when I realized I'd sent out the link incorrectly)

Bartók to Bohemian Rhapsody!

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