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About YMC

Young Musician's Chorus was founded in 2020 after enjoying many years as one of Crowden Music Center's community education offerings. Our purpose is to give young musicians a place to sing that caters to their strengths. Even at the entry level, which requires no previous experience, we challenge our singers with excellent repertoire that pushes the edge of their capabilities. This kind of risk taking results in excitement and rapid growth.  Such an approach, which is process-oriented rather than product-oriented, is not only much more fun; it yields students who quickly become remarkably adept – with just one rehearsal each week.

Betsy Marvit acquired high standards for youth choral singing through her tenure of over 25 years at San Francisco Boys Chorus. At the Crowden Music Center in Berkeley, where she ran a choral program for over 12 years, she developed a passion for teaching choral music to those who identify as young musicians. What started as five 7-year-olds swelled to


fifty-five young musicians ages 6 - 17. Having outgrown the level of choral program consistent with CMC's vision, it was time for our singers to find a new home.

St. Alban's – about a mile from our previous location – is wonderfully enthusiastic to host our choruses! We are absolutely delighted to be so warmly welcome in such a beautiful space.  

Our Young Musicians are courageous.

They aren't afraid to try something hard. They have ideas and opinions about what we are doing, and aren't afraid to say so. They are often game to get up there and play their instrument with a large group of singers (which most actually are a little afraid of at first – but that's part of what makes it exciting, and builds the kind of self-confidence that leads to other courageous acts). They help each other to not be afraid of working on a musical weakness – as we all have them, and all want each other and the group to succeed. They aren't afraid to laugh and show that they enjoy what we do.

Our Young Musicians are musicians.

All who come – new or skilled – learn to sing with nuance and understanding, becoming musicians in the truest sense. We especially cater to those who are receiving instrumental training, and who seek a choral experience that will challenge them at the pace they crave. As Yo-Yo Ma pointed out, there is no better way to improve the musicality of one's instrumental playing than to sing. And as this chorus' history demonstrates,  instrumentalists – who understand color, theory, and ensemble – make joyful choral musicians!


1501 Washington Ave., Albany, CA 94706

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