Thank you!

You're all set! Calendar is here. First day: Sept 11th!

Location: 1510 Washington Ave., Albany, CA 94706

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

We look forward to singing with you in the spring.

Oh boy!!! :-)


Due to the pandemic, masks will be required at rehearsals. My intention is to provide singers' masks (much more breathing room and they don't impede the vocal mechanism) to students who sign up by the time I've ordered them. If you're seeing this message, I haven't ordered yet. But once I have, if you'd still like a singer's mask, I recommend purchasing one from I expect all A Musicum singers will have child masks. Collegium Musicum singers will have adult masks. But for B Musicum members, go to the bottom of the singersmask webpage to determine your child's size.

Parental contribution toward the purchase of your child's mask, though not required, is certainly welcome and appreciated! 



Thank you!