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A musicum is for kids who want to sing! No previous training necessary – just come have fun while making good music! Musical self-confidence and basic vocal technique are taught using the kind of excellent repertoire kids deserve but rarely experience, including classical and folk music from all parts of the world. Each child discovers that his or her voice is an essential part of something bigger and more wonderful than they might have imagined. Choristers will be singing all the way home! For those with some instrumental training, there are opportunities to include playing with our singing.

A musicum -- ages 7 - 12+

  • Basic choral vocal technique

    • head tone

    • open chamber

    • vocal foci

    • breath control

    • articulation

    • posture

    Excellent repertoire kids deserve but rarely experience, spanning ancient through contemporary:

    • ​Classical

    • Folk 

    • World Music 

    • and even a little pop :-)

    Singing in parts

    Basic solfège with handsigns, following a Kodály educational model

    Musicality: phrasing, dynamics, articulations, etc.​

    Vocal color differentiation

    Ensemble exploration

    • Balance amoung voice parts

    • Awareness of which "members of the team" (voice parts) hold the emphasis at different points in the music

    • Uniform group sound

    • For those with some instrumental training, there are opportunities to play with our singing

    Pronunciation in other languages, often incorporating a cultural context

    Body awareness

    Courage, Self-confidence, and Leadership

  • Pro-rated refund starting from the Saturday following written notification. We hope you'll like being here but, if not, no worries!

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