We create and cater to young musicians!

Come see what happens when fun and sophistication combine! From kids just learning to sing, to those supporting our vocal endeavors with jaw-dropping instrumentals, we enjoy and develop the skills each singer brings to our choral ensembles. 

This is a chorus for those who take an intrinsic delight in music. If your son or daughter would like a high-quality, serious choral experience in a joyful, not-so-serious atmosphere, we welcome them!

The proof is in the pudding!

See our kids' determination, passion, and skill:

Bartók to Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

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Every YMC concert ends with a "Big Sing" in which all the groups participate, enabling the younger kids to experience the possibility of something bigger, and enabling the older kids to experience the joy of mentorship and the affection that comes with now being on the supportive end of the endeavour.