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We create and cater to young musicians!

Come see what happens when fun and sophistication combine! From kids just learning to sing, to those supporting our vocal endeavors with jaw-dropping instrumentals, we enjoy and develop the skills each singer brings to our choral ensembles. 

This is a chorus for those who take an intrinsic delight in music. If your son or daughter would like a high-quality, serious choral experience in a joyful, not-so-serious atmosphere, we welcome them!

Two levels currently available, both of them incredibly rewarding. Read our reviews to find out why!



Here are some quick favorites:

HNU: Ëgyetëm, bëgyetëm and Alway Something Sings

Pop/Rock: 12 Days After Christmas  and Bohemian Rhapsody

Kiddos: Away from the Roll of the Sea and Light the Legend

Bells: Krunnfusz' Ave Maria and Es wird scho glei dumpa

and here are clips from the last three semesters: 

In person (thank goodness!)

Spring 2024

A Musicum: Blue Skies – Irving Berlin, arr. Emerson

B Musicum: Heliseb Väljadel – Urmas Sisask

B Musicum: Sao Roma – trad. Romani arr. Paul Jarman

Sight Singing: for Voice of the Mothers – arr. Betsy

Winter 2023

Big Sing: Puer Nobis Nacitur – Andrea Ramsey

Sight Singing: Da Pacem Domine – Melchior Frank

Summer 2023 (GGICF)

Collegium: The Sea Wind (Marvit)

Collegium: Dana dana (Bardós)

Spring 2022

Big Sing: Good Cheer

Collegium Musicum:  Teomehe-laul

A Musicum: Humpty Dumpty

B Musicum: Amani (rehearsal)

Let us joyously raise our voices together in song!

The proof is in the pudding!

See our kids' determination, passion, and skill on our VIDEOS page!

June 27, 2020

Start-of-pandemic Concert Preview:

Is This Real Life?

December 31, 2020

Concert Finale: 

Shut de Do

May 29, 2021

Concert Finale: 

Light of a Clear Blue Morning


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